Our Clients Minimize

Although our people bring a wide variety of personal experiences to the team, the projects listed here are projects performed specifically by Benes & Krueger, S.C. and do not include any of our personnel's prior experiences.

* A large national general contractor retained us to assist in the development of claims on various projects for extra cost related to delay and productivity loss as well as insurance claims. Our work has included the analysis of subcontractor claims. We have assisted this firm on projects in seven states.

* A general contractor has retained us to assist in the development of claims on two projects involving differing site conditions, loss of productivity, and delay damages.

* A Montana contractor hired us to assist in preparing its claim against the North Dakota Department of Transportation. The case involved damages incurred by NDDOT’s termination of the contractor.

* The City of Colorado Springs, Colorado retained us to analyze $6,000,000 of contractor claims related to the construction of a wastewater treatment plant. The claims included extended overheads and loss of productivity. The claim was settled through mediation and negotiation.

* An International EPC firm asked us to analyze the actual construction cost on a $100,000,000 project in Malaysia. We visited subcontractors in Malaysia and developed a cost report with cost code detail to determine when and where the project exceeded its $60,000,000 budget.

* A West Coast governmental agency retained us to analyze contractor claims on five separate construction projects. The claims included differing site conditions disputes, as well as delay and loss productivity claims.

* A foreign development company asked us to analyze their construction manager’s general conditions charges. We tested payroll processing and rates for direct pay as well as fringes and taxes. We checked all purchases to see that each item was specifically allowed by contract. Our report was used to reduce the charges being made by the construction manager.

* A midwestern Department of Transportation retained us to work as a consultant to the Attorney General's office to analyze contractor claims as well as assist in developing arbitration strategy assistance. We have provided services on multiple construction disputes. Disputes ranged from standard delay and disruption claims to bituminous mix failures and crushing operations.

* An East Coast developer was concerned when the construction manager's general conditions cost increased almost threefold on one of their rehabilitation projects. We were asked to analyze the construction manager's actual general conditions cost to determine why the increases occurred, and if all the costs were supportable and allowable per the contract.